New Mexico State Brawl

Having been a Sports Management professional before, I found the New Mexico State brawl last night to be most disturbing. There’s no reason for teams to be in a fight, much less fans storming the court to pound on another player.

As society continues to degenerate, it’s no surprise that people are growing more and more violent. Whether it’s racially motivated, economically or otherwise, it’s become far more prevalent than it used to be. While there are many reasons for it, it’s now starting to affect sports in a negative way.

There is zero excuse for fans to storm the court and involve themselves in any altercation on the playing court. This is will eventually lead to someone getting hurt seriously or possibly killed. Both outcomes are the kind of event that sports management professionals want to avoid.

I hope the negative publicity of what happens will prevent another brawl, but I’m afraid it’ll have the opposite effect due to assholes who will want to copy it.


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