Writers Need to Be Able to Think


Well, here we go again today. After reading the forums for a minute I stumbled across someone asking about what kind of technology people would create if dumped on a planet with just electronic readers and work tools. Ok…

Why wouldn’t people make the basic technology first: homes, vehicles, roads, etc? This is simple enough that it’s not that hard to think about what would happen. Why would high tech be the first thing they’d make-as some posters said in response. You can’t build high tech stuff without having basic technology mastered first, so the ones that provide transportation, sanitation and food would be highest priority.

See, this is what I mean about writers needing to think. Or, at the least, do a Google search on what is basic technology that a civilization would need to begin. None of its difficult to understand; I just don’t think some aspiring authors want to do any kind of legwork to create their story. Which leaves me with one question: How do they expect their story to be believable if they don’t do the necessary research?

Sometimes I wonder about the future of fiction writing…

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