Kings Dominion

Today I spent the afternoon with my nephews, my sister, her husband John and my mother. We had a blast. The boys aren’t quite ready for the ‘big kid’ roller coasters, but that time is coming.

All of us (except for mother) rode the Avalanche Bobsled together:


The bobsled if an interesting coaster in the fact that one you reach the top, the cars ‘free run’ in that there’s no track and it makes it’s own path around the course. Last year I felt it was rough as hell and beat me up too much. This year didn’t seem as bad, which probably had more to do with only having a one year gap between visits compared to three.

My oldest nephew tickled me on this ride. It was the first ‘big person’ coaster in his life and it was…shall we say…interesting to say least.  He kept saying “I don’t like this. This hill’s too big…I want off..”

He finished the ride and said: I’m glad that’s over, my insides feel shaken up!

Priceless moment.

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