Comcast, Comcast and Comcast

Sorry it took so long to post something today. I normally blog in the early evening after I’ve had the entire day to get ideas about what to say. Well, today was different due to a combination of the weather and Comcast. We had a severe Thunderstorm Warning, nothing new so far this summer here in Virginia, that was issued while I was playing Scarlet Blade. The first indication I had of the storms (and the skies were clear around noon so I wasn’t worried because they were supposed to be here around 6pm) was when the computer room got very dark. I looked out the window and was like: “Oh shit! I’d better get my shower before we possibly lose power!”

So I race through a shower and then run out to my truck to get my police scanner (it receives the weather alerts the minute the National Weather Service makes them. TV stations have a slight delay). The wind was picking up but there hadn’t been any thunder so far.

A couple minutes later, the wind started to really pick up and we still have cable so things are all good. Well, the first drops of rain fall and like clockwork Comcast goes down. I just have to shake my head because they don’t go down during windstorms or snowstorms. However, let one drop of rain fall and it’s down for the count.

How sad.

As much as that company charges and we pay 200 a month for cable and internet, that would happen but it does. Consider myself a fan of FIOS and I haven’t even had it yet.

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