We had a storm here in Richmond last night-not a bad one but the first strong storm of the summer…well…Comcast took it’s usual shit. I’ve been out of cable for damn near 20 hrs and the claim to me ‘there’s no outage’ at my house.  What the hell?

Furthermore, I called in to report the outage and they yelled at me because I couldn’t give them my dad’s last 4 numbers of his SSN. Yes, the bill’s in his name, but I shouldn’t NEED to give that to report a service outage!!! And don’t tell me there isn’t an outage when my cable modem’s blinking at me like I’m an idiot and my tv screen is black. top it off, my neighbor’s out also because I can receive a signal from their wireless network and they’re out too! So, there’s not an outage??

Comcast, you suck ass and I wish I had other options then you in my area. 200 bucks a month for service that’s down up to 30% of the time?? Talk about a rip off.

So, I find myself sitting in Starbucks 10 miles from my house having to use their wireless to access my email. Sad. And my truck doesn’t get great gas mileage so, it’ll take up about 2 gallons or more to make the round trip with all the stop and go traffic.

Thank you Comcast, you assholes.


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