Stephen King and his compulsion to write

This is the first page of this story. There are three pages and several videos. I’m only publishing a part of the first page.


Bridgton, Maine, was home for writer Stephen King in the 1970s, and it inspired the fictional town of Chester’s Mill, which, in his 2009 novel, is trapped “Under the Dome.”

“When you were here did you sort of envision where the dome would come down?” Mason asked.

“Yeah, I knew exactly,” King replied — and he could show Mason the spot, on the old map still posted on Main Street.

“In the book this would be Route 119, it goes up through here, and the dome would be here,” he explained.

This Summer, King’s novel about a glassy dome descending on an unsuspecting town is being brought to life in a CBS series.

“It sort of came to me that if I could put a dome over an American town, it would be a microcosm for what’s going on in the world itself, where we have finite resources, and we really have nowhere to go,” he said.

“I like the idea of a small town, too, because people have got that ‘Waltons’ vibe, where everybody gets along, everybody knows everybody,” King continued. “And I thought, well, if you put people under pressure, what happens then?”


Deputy Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez) is separated from her fiance, firefighter Rusty Denton (Josh Carter), by a mysterious barrier in “Under the Dome,” based on the Stephen King novel.

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Mason asked King if writing is a compulsion for the 65-year-old author: “Or do you need to have some story that just gets in your brain you can’t get out?”

“It’s a compulsion,” King replied. “For one thing, when I was younger, my head was like a traffic jam full of ideas, and they were all jostling, and they all wanted to get out. And I wrote a lot more than I write now. I still write every day.”

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