SUV Towed From Conn. Home; Possible Link To Boston Double Murder « CBS Boston

This is indicative of what’s wrong with professional sports. The combination of low brow people, gang connections and the usage of steroids are causing crime that shouldn’t take place. Having coached before, I can tell you of the entitlement mentality most athletes have. They’ve had someone kiss their ass, taking care of everything they’ve ever wanted, so the players continue to expect it. 

When I was in college, and also coaching, the athletes (more often than not) could be told apart from the regular students because they drove new cars. And not Fords or Chevy’s. No, they drove BMW’s and Mercedes. Where’s the money coming from when they’re not allowed to work a job during the school year? It’s because the shoe companies and AAU officials (and some of the colleges themselves) pay for them.

What this player has done (along with the one in Cleveland) is give the NFL a terrible black eye. It’s been a long time since the Ray Lewis deal, which most people forget about over the years, but this one will be forever etched into the minds of the public. 

It’s my hope that the NFL will do something to address the thug culture running a muck. 


SUV Towed From Conn. Home; Possible Link To Boston Double Murder « CBS Boston.

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