Gun Geo Marker app tries to locate homes, businesses of gun owners Read more:

Now I try to stay out of controversial topics but this is one I cannot keep quiet about. This is so irresponsible it’s breathtaking. Not only does it tell criminals where to find guns to steal, but it tells them who DOES NOT own a weapon and where they can break in without consequences. Some people, especially on the far left and far right, don’t understand the law of ‘unintended consequences.’

2 comments on “Gun Geo Marker app tries to locate homes, businesses of gun owners Read more:

  1. Hopefully the maker of the app will suffer serious legal and financial consequences down the road for this.


    • In my opinion, whether you’re for or against guns (or the 2nd amendment), putting people’s names on the net, or in print, for others to see is not only a violation of a person’s right to privacy, but is foolhardy at best. What if someone in an armed house is killed by someone to get their hands on the weapon? Better yet, what about the one’s who don’t have any and are attacked by criminals because of that? I doubt the people creating the app have thought of that.

      As for gun control? I’ll be honest, I think it’s stupid because there’s PLENTY of laws on the books to regulate them that aren’t enforced. Let’s do that first and then see what happens. However, I’ll say this:

      “Until you learn how to deal with the rot inside the human heart, then you’ll never stop people from mass killings.”

      China has serious gun control and it’s done nothing to stop mass murders from happening at their schools. How’s it being done? With knives…

      People, until they get healthy spiritually, emotionally and psychologically will continue to kill each other. If not with guns, it’ll be with knives, swords, bats…

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