Does Your Blog Have Personality? From Nelson Literary Agency Email Letter for July




A Message from Kristin Nelson

Does Your Blog Have Personality?

Kristin NelsonJust this past week, I attended LitFest, an annual event hosted by Lighthouse Writers Workshop right here in Denver. During a one-on-one conference, a writer asked me a question about her blog. She mentioned that in order to ease the social-media burden, she was blog sharing with several other writers; each curated the blog a month at a time. She noticed the blog wasn’t getting much traffic and asked me why.

To answer her question, I first had to ask a few of my own.

I asked if she herself follows any blogs. She said yes. Then I asked why. Her answer? Because she likes the content or finds the information useful.

But is that all?

I’m nothing if not persistent. When she looked at me blankly, I said there are dozens of blogs about agents and publishing. Why did she prefer some blogs over others?

It’s not just about content. It’s also about personality.

Blogs have personalities, and readers like to follow bloggers who have a unique style or an appealing voice. A shared blog maintained by multiple writers might lack a distinguishing personality, style, or voice. If that’s the case, chances are good the blog won’t gain much traction.

Watching her “Eureka!” moment made me think that you might find this information helpful, too. So ask yourself: Does my blog have a distinct personality? If the answer is no, then maybe blogging isn’t the right social-media platform for you.

And that’s my agent public service moment for July.

How to Keep Your Mind from Plagiarizing?



Kind of an interesting question to ask. Last time I checked, our minds are the same as we are, which means the question should be: how do I keep from plagiarizing?

Well, that’s simple, do not use someone else’s work as your own. I try to link of use the share button for what I use here. It’s that’s not available..then I post the writer’s name along with the article. That lets everyone know that I’m not trying to pass off someone’s work as one of my own. Now, when writing fiction it tends to be a bit more difficult.

As a lot of people have said before, ideas aren’t protected. Now, how you go about expressing that that’s a different story. The best way around the issue is to not do it in the first place.

Neat Train Vid

For those who don’t live in the United States, freight trains are really big and heavy. This is a coal train that runs from Pennsylvania to a power plant in Cross, SC. He’s had to stop at a bridge about a mile away (it’s single track over the bridge) and wait for someone to pass by. Now he’s trying to get back up to track speed (track speed is the maximum speed allowed for his train, which varies on size, tonnage, type of train, engine power…several factors). Those are two General Electric AC4400CW engines, each making 4400 hp. Listen to how hard they’re working to get the train back up to speed.  They’re pulling about 12-15k tons of coal..

One of My Favorite Dr Who Quotes




The Doctor: The whole of London’s been sealed off and the entire population’s been taken inside that place. To be converted.
Rose: We’ve got to get in there and shut it down.
Mickey: How do we do that?
The Doctor: Oh, I’ll think of something.
Mickey: You’re just making this up as you go along.
The Doctor: Yep. But I do it brilliantly.