Major cities often safest places in the U.S.

I find this to the be bogus bullshit. Richmond is, in no way, safer than the rural suburbs. My particular county had 5 homicides last year, while Richmond had 40. Now, which one is safer? Chicago, 500 homicides last year. Is that safer? This sounds to me like propaganda to get people to want to move back to the city so the elites can move out here.

Nothing new here.



Major cities often safest places in the U.S..

Charlottesville weekly apologizes over anonymous racist comment – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia News

Now I’m not defending any racist or hateful speech, but as someone who values the first amendment, I don’t like the idea of ‘protesting’ to prevent even ugly speech from being said. And here’s why: What’s to keep something the protesters say from being considered ‘hateful’ and ‘ugly’ in the future? Nothing! If that happened, then they’d be the first to bitch about their ‘rights’ being infringed!

Sorry, but if you want to protect your right to free speech, then that means enduring comments you may despise. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your speech taken away. What’s more important to you? Being able to keep your own speech or removing that which you disagree with?

It’s a dangerous slippery slope that way too many in this country are willing to go down to keep from being ‘offended.’ I don’t give a shit about being offended because I frankly don’t give a rip about what folks think about me. Yet, most people are so sensitive that they can’t just ignore something…no, it has to be silenced.

One day someone will come for their free speech and I hope they remember this day. 


Charlottesville weekly apologizes over anonymous racist comment – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia News.

NASA’s Cassini beams back stunning pictures of Saturn, Earth

Per CBS News and NASA


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has beamed back spectacular pictures of Saturn, its rings and distant Earth, a “pale blue dot” nearly a billion miles away, as the robot passed behind the ringed planet last Friday.

Following Cassini’s lead, NASA’s Messenger spacecraft, in orbit around Mercury, also trained its camera on Earth during a search for undiscovered moons.


Passing behind Saturn last Friday, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft snapped a series of pictures showing the planet and its rings, including planet Earth as a “pale blue dot” 898 million miles away. A mosaic of all the images will be released in six weeks or so showing Earth, Saturn and its complete ring system.




“That images of our planet have been acquired on a single day from two distant solar system outposts reminds us of this nation’s stunning technical accomplishments in planetary exploration,” Sean Solomon, the principal investigator with the Mercury mission, said in a NASA statement.

“And because Mercury and Saturn are such different outcomes of planetary formation and evolution, these two images also highlight what is special about Earth. There’s no place like home.”

The Cassini images were the brainchild of Carolyn Porco, leader of the spacecraft imaging team at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo. Porco launched a pair of contests inviting the public to submit music and photos that captured the moment of the cosmic encounter and urged people to step outside and wave at Cassini.

A zoomed-in view from Cassini’s narrow-angle camera shows humanity’s home and its moon as small points of light in the blackness of space, an image intended to spark wonder “in a way we only rarely get to see, from the most distant robotic outpost we have ever established around another planet,” Porco said on her web page.


This shot from Cassini’s narrow-angle camera shows a magnified image of the Earth, left, and its moon from the vantage point of Saturn.




“From the U.S. to New Zealand, England to South Africa, we used the opportunity to contemplate our cosmic whereabouts, the uniqueness of our lush, life-giving planet, and the significance of our own existence,” she wrote.

Cassini snapped the images from a distance of about 898 million miles while the spacecraft was passing behind Saturn, in eclipse and out of the direct glare of the sun.

A series of wide-angle shots will be assembled into a mosaic over the next six weeks or so, showing Saturn and its entire ring system in natural colors, as an astronaut passing behind Saturn might see it.


Earth and its moon as viewed from the Messenger spacecraft in orbit around Mercury, 61 million miles away.




A similar mosaic captured by Cassini in 2006 also showed Earth, but the image was captured as part of a science campaign. It was not optimized to show Saturn in natural color and the narrow-angle camera was not used to zoom in on Earth.

This time around, Porco wanted a mosaic that would appeal to the public, showing the glory of Saturn as well as the tiny point of light that is humanity’s home in space.

One segment of the eventual mosaic was released Monday, showing Earth as a star-like point of light just below the rings. The zoomed-in view also was released, clearly showing both Earth and moon. At Cassini’s distance, the image scale was 53,820 miles per pixel.

The Voyager 1 spacecraft imaged Earth from an even greater distance in 1990 as it neared the edge of the solar system. It was that image that prompted Carl Sagan to dub Earth a “pale blue dot” in space.



A view of Earth, from Saturn


Even though Cassini is much closer than Voyager 1 was in 1990, the scale was still daunting — 53,820 miles per pixel.

“The illuminated areas of neither the Earth nor the Moon are resolved here,” NASA said in a statement. “Consequently, the size of each `dot’ is the same size that a point of light of comparable brightness would have in the wide angle camera.”

While no surface detail is visible, “this pale blue dot is a succinct summary of who we were on July 19,” Linda Spilker,the Cassini project scientist, said in NASA’s statement. “Cassini’s picture reminds us how tiny our home planet is in the vastness of space, and also testifies to the ingenuity of the citizens of this tiny planet to send a robotic spacecraft so far away from home to study Saturn and take a look-back photo of Earth.”

Feds probe company that helped get EB-5 funding for McAuliffe’s Greentech

First Wonderboy Bob’s antics and now this? I think people have gotten to be so damn stupid and apathetic that they deserve everything they get. This is the guy some want to be governor? How about we throw BOTH parties out of power and start over again? This is so damn messed up it isn’t funny. Ever notice how they go to Richmond, or DC, poor and come back millionaires? It’s time WE THE PEOPLE take our system back..for our children’s sake if anything.




The Associated Press is out with a damaging report on the company recruited by Terry McAuliffe to help secure funding for his Greentech Automotive start up venture.


The Associated Press is out with a damaging report on the company recruited by Terry McAuliffe to help secure funding for his Greentech Automotive start up venture.

Macker mississippi

AP reporter Alicia Caldwell has discovered that a high ranking official in the Department of Homeland Security is under investigation for helping to facilitate access to the EB-5 program for a Chinese Company through the group Gulf Coast Management.

Here is part of Caldwell’s report:

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas, who has been nominated to be the department’s No. 2 leader, was named by the DHS Inspector General’s Office as a target in an ongoing investigation about the foreign investor program run by USCIS.

According to an email sent to lawmakers Monday evening, the IG’s office initially starting investigating the EB-5 visa program last year based on a referral from an FBI analyst in the counter intelligence unit in Washington. The email does not specify what criminal violations it is investigating.

The EB-5 program allows foreign nationals to get a visa if they invest $500,000 to $1 million in a project or business that creates jobs for U.S. citizens. The amount of the investment required depends on the type of project. Investors who are approved for the program can become legal permanent residents after two years and would later be eligible to become citizens.

The White House did not have an immediate comment on the investigation. Neither the department nor USCIS immediately responded to inquiries.

Were Mayorkas confirmed as the department’s deputy secretary, he likely would run the department on an interim basis until a permanent replacement has been approved to take over for departing Secretary Janet Napolitano.

The root of the complaint against Mayorkas is an allegation that he helped a financing company run by Anthony Rodham, the brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, win approval for an investor visa even after the application was denied and an appeal rejected.

read the full story here.

What Caldwell’s report doesn’t include is the connection of Gulf Coast Management to McAuliffe’s Greentech Automotive. According to Gulf Coast Management’s web site, the only company they are currently working on securing funding for is Greentech Automotive.

McAuliffe was the connection between Anthony Rodham, the brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Greentech.

In the past, officials in Mississippi have blamed the lack of progress in the Greentech venture on a hold up in EB-5 funds.

Last week company spokesperson Marianne McInerney rejected any claims that Greentech was inappropriately using the EB-5 program.

“We’ve met every regulation of the EB 5 program so I would say those (claims) are misguided”, she said.

She also said that the EB-5 program was only one component of the company’s investment plan.

“EB-5 is one part, and it’s an important part, of our strategy but not the only one,” she said.

McAuliffe resigned his position with Greentech in late 2012. We will have much more on Greentech tomorrow on NBC12.

Dem Senator: Roller Coasters Need More Federal Regulations « CBS Houston

Oh, come on! Let the fucking states take care of this! Don’t you assholes have better things to do..whoops this is a dumbass democrat..they’re busy trying to tell you how to take care of your body (obamacare) just like the religious right over abortion..and finding ways to allow illegal aliens to have citizenship so native born people are shoved to the back of the bus. Now, I don’t normally speak my mind on politics but this is the kind of bullshit that gets me worked up. How about working to GET PEOPLE BACK TO WORK. Whoops..that means they wouldn’t need the dems to take care of them…

And the Repubs aren’t any better either…


Dem Senator: Roller Coasters Need More Federal Regulations « CBS Houston.