One More Example that America is in Trouble

There have been plenty of decisions, legal and politically, I do not agree with, yet I haven’t rioted and violently protested them. The very fact that some segments of American society feel that rioting, and intimidation, is the answer to everything shows how far we as a society have fallen. In fact, it’s more indicative of how much western society as a whole has rotted out.

I shook my head continuously during the Zimmerman trial at the tweets and intimidation threats made during it. As an outside observer, it proved to be so counterproductive. In fact, all it’s done is continue to create racial strife in this country, and I blame both the media and the Obama administration more than the people on the street.


The media has, and continues to do so, stirred up the pot on this issue from day one. Once it appeared that Zimmerman would walk, they then started to fan the flames to get riots, etc etc started. Throw in the “If I had a son….” comment from President Obama, and there’s be a perfect storm created to try to tear the country apart.

And what gets me is the people pushing all this want to change the current system to a progressive lead one that reduces the rights each person has. There was a shocking video of people who were willing to sign a petition the eliminate the Bill of Rights. What the hell? Don’t these idiots know they’re slitting their own throats? I guess not..

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