My Thoughts on the National Journal Article Analysis Part 1

I read through Mr. Brownstein’s article (which I did find just a bit biased but that’s neither here nor there) on the division within the country. As a writer, I watch and observe things and have a chance to understand where things are going. I don’t normally open up and share what I think, but I will today.

Here’s my analysis:

There are now two America’s. Red America and Blue America and they’re rapidly becoming so opposite that the soon won’t be able to coexist in the same country. And here’s a step by step of what’s separating them.


Gun Control:

         Most people in Red States, myself included, think that the government needs to enforce the laws currently on the books. It takes 5 different forms of ID to even get to the background check part to purchase a handgun. Yes, I said five! That’s far more than needed for a car or other items. And I have no problem with that because of the item. In one of the mass shootings (Va Tech) the state dropped the ball. They’ll never admit it, but Cho was court ordered to Psychiatric care, which would’ve gone onto his record if the clerk’s had bothered to enter it like supposed to. Why else would Tim Kaine make then parents sign a form saying they wouldn’t sue the school or the state? Furthermore, why was Cho’s records found a couple months later in the trunk of a school official’s car? “Honest mistake” my ass.

         Blue state solution is to ban firearm ownership to anyone who isn’t law enforcement. It’s not openly said but that’s the goal. The only problem with that is the corresponding increase in crime because criminals aren’t going to legally buy their firearms anyway.

This is one thing that is a major divider.



        Red States are trying to limit access, requite ultrasounds, etc etc.

        Blue States want to make access easier and easier.


        The reason this is a divider is that the Supreme Court made the decision, denying both sides the opportunity to make their case. This isn’t a big issue in Britain because they voted and let the people settle. Look at the reaction to the Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act to see part of the reason.

        What happens when a court makes the decision instead of placing it in the hands of the people is bitterness on the side of the losers and then the animosity continues to grow between both sides. One side thinks “You only got your way because the court’s decided it. No one really wants it.” While the other side thinks “The courts have the power and sided with us, so you need to be silent.”


I’m going to finish this tomorrow, so please hang with me.



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